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Come to Ogden

Travelling to the North side of the Beehive State, you will eventually come across Ogden. Ogden is a small town on the outskirts of Farmington due north about a half hour away from Salt Lake City. Here, there is still a very old time feeling when moving through the city streets. Taking a drive around this part of town, you may see distinct remains of households long in the past but not forgotten, left standing from families before.


The city served as a major railway hub through most of it's history, and still deals with freight traffic as a convenient location for trade and commerce. Like it's neighboring cities, Ogden has a close proximity to the Wasatch Mountains and currently is the location of Weber State University. 3 counties derive the Ogden-Clearfield Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area which are Morgan, Weber and Davis Counties. In 2010 Forbes has also rated the Ogden-Clearfield MSA as the 6th best place in the country to raise a family.

It's original name, Fort Buenaventura is due to the fact that Ogden has had a sister city relationship with (Hof) Germany since 1954. There are many things to due to pass the time no matter the size of the town. Depending on the time of year; from skiing in the winter, to hitting one of the many prestigious lakes and reservoirs tucked in the Wasatch mountains. Pineview Reservoir which is due North Ogden, has many game fish species from pike, to tiger musky, to large trout and pan fish. Fun in the sun and cool mountain air is what I'm sure you'll find taking a trip into the heart of Ogden Utah.